Lola LA Brunch, January 26, 2019

Lola LA Brunch, January 26, 2019


Where: The Riveter

4505 Glencoe Avenue

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

When: Saturday, January 26, 2019


2019 is here! The new year brings new possibilities and renewed energy to reach our financial goals. But as James Clear states, “New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do. And a lifestyle is not an outcome, it is a process.“

Join us for brunch with like-minded women to set your 2019 financial goals and outline your process to reach them going forward. (Don’t worry, we’ll have mimosas on hand to help).

In this workshop with Melanie Lockert of Lola Retreat and Dear Debt and Stacey Lee from Solve Your Finances you will:

  • Talk among women about your goals for additional accountability

  • Learn why most financial goals fail

  • Learn how you can set yourself up for success

  • Learn how to create specific and actionable goals

  • Walk away with next steps

  • Enjoy savory and sweet brunch options, with coffee and mimosas

Stacey Lee is passionate about personal finance and her purpose is to empower people to achieve their financial dreams.

As a financial executive in the startup tech space, she has helped founders and CEOs build sound financial processes and systems to get to the next level.  She has translated her experiences into helping people change their financial well being.

Stacey has 20 years of professional experiences, helping 30+ established startups with successful exits and fundraises.

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There’s no better way to spend a Saturday morning than at brunch. But here, you’ll get brunch and some education about how you can reach your financial goals. We’ll have coffee, tea, and mimosas on hand as well as fresh fruit, gluten-free avocado toast, and vegan chia seed pudding with blueberries, toasted coconut and pecans. Yum!


10:00am-10:30am Networking

10:31am - 11:00am Conversation

11:01am - 11:45am Financial Goals Workshop

11:46am - 12:00pm Closing Remarks