Here's the deal

We're charging you money to come to an event to talk about saving money?! Yes, we are. Let's get totally vulnerable here (because vulnerability is the name of the game at the Lola Retreat).

We know this retreat is life-changing. That's why we only want you to come if you can afford it, and if you're that serious about taking control of your finances. Because what you'll be learning at the Lola Retreat will help you earn and save ten (or a hundred) times the cost of your ticket. Because we all drop $500 on getting our hair done, getting our brakes fixed, or going to a bachelorette party. But when it comes to investing in ourselves? We won't even buy a $10 book on investing. 

If you are tired of avoiding (or fearing) your money. If you told yourself that 2018 was the year you'd learn what a 401k is. If you want to earn more money but you don't know how, or if you just think this world needs more honest conversation between women, there is a seat at the Lola Retreat with your name on it.  We'll see you there. 

what it costs

A ticket to the Lola Retreat costs $475. That includes:  

  • Exclusive pass to the Lola Retreat, a weekend retreat in New York City

  • 2 days of intimate workshops, group discussions, expert-led panels, and personalized guidance to help you take control of your finances  

  • Delicious breakfasts, artisan coffee and tea, catered lunches and snacks - all included! 

  • Your ticket to an intimate cocktail reception on Friday, April 27 to kick-off your weekend in style

  • Access to an invite-only Lola Retreat Facebook group
  • Conversations you won't have anywhere else
  • Meeting your new BFFs


“I had an absolutely magnificent time learning about finance and meeting so many amazing women. Thank you so much for putting this together!”

“I loved this event so much! It turned my idea of wealth on its head and opened up a whole new world to me. It's not about things. It's about values and life experiences. I'm still talking about it with everyone I know.”

“Thank you, thank you for making this happen and changing my life.”